Trainer's Level 2 Qualification (Ennismore Eagles Girls Hockey)

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The OWHA Level 2 Trainer's certification recognizes a minimum credential of Standard or Advanced First Aid cards with CPR Level C. *AED training is strongly recommended. Also, individuals that have certain types of medical or para-medical training can be issued Level 2 status. In all circumstances, to obtain Level 2 status an individual must possess a Level 1 Trainer’s certification which is valid at the time at which the Level 2 status is granted.


Certification at Level 2 is achieved by one of the following methods:

  • Recognition of a Standard First aid or Advanced First Aid card from an Ontario WSIB recognized FADO (First Aid Delivery Organization - FDAO). The FADO’s recognized by the OWHA for the purpose of providing First Aid, CPR and AED training are listed with the Ontario WSIB.

           NOTE: Emergency First Aid is not accepted as a Level 2 upgrade/renewal.

  • Upon successfully completing the HTO Level 1 Trainers course, any individual who has the following professional qualifications, certified to work in Canada and is practicing, can be granted Level 2 status:


-     Registered Nurse

-     Occupational Health Nurses

-     Chiropractors

-     Physicians

-     Basic Trauma Life Support (B.T.L.S.)

-     Emergency Medical Care Assistant (Certified)

-     Certified Athletic Therapist

-     National Athletic Trainer

-     Military Medics (valid for 2 years from end of service data)

      (Qualifications must be licensed in Canada)

-     Physiotherapist

-     Dentist

-     Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

-     Podiatrist


Level 2 Expiration Date

Expiration dates continue to apply to Level 2 equivalencies and for a maximum of (3) years with the expiration date no later than August 31/YR.

If the First Aid card expires during the hockey season (September 1 to April 30) then the Level 2 certification shall be backdated to no later than August 31/YR.  

If the First Aid card expires between May 1 and August 31 then the actual date of certification expiry will be the date of expiry of the First Aid card.

The OWHA recognize that if no expiration date is stated on the First Aid card, it will be assumed that the First Aid card is valid for two (2) years.

There are some First Aid instruction companies that provide a three (3) year expiration.

For professional qualifications, the universal expiry date of August 31/YR will apply.


Level 2 Requalification

Those who have Level 2 status may continue to renew by ensuring they keep their qualifications updated with the OWHA, and by providing proof of requalification.  Please see below for direction on how to upgrade or renew your Trainer’s status. 

NOTE: If certification has lapsed past the requalification timeframe , a participant will be considered NEW and must complete the HTCP Level 1 full course.


Level 2 Approval Procedure

To facilitate the approval of Level 2 renewal/upgrade, applicable proof of qualification (First Aid certification or approved professional designation) must be submitted to the OWHA via email to [email protected]